Sunday, May 29, 2011

Much Pomp for This Circumstance -- Congrats, Destiny!

It was a picturesque drive from Maryland to Pittsburgh. A film of fog created a dream-like scene, blurring our vision. Surrounded by massive mountains, barely visible, we zipped up the highway. Moving fast, even furiously, we were fueled by excitement. I was trailing the graduate's mother. The closer we got, the more quickly the scenery moved. A few hours, and we were there.

What a joyous occasion! Destiny's four years of focus, diligence, and drive meant she would receive a degree entitling her to the all rights and privileges of a Carnegie Mellon University graduate. She has reached a milestone. She has accomplished one of her many goals. This is an end and also a beginning . . . .

Destiny, I salute you.

C. Marie